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    Welcome to the Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association

    Game Cancellation/Change Procedure

    2023 Scheduling Goals:


    A) Everything matches!

    • Your teams schedule - what the programs/parents/coaches know - AKA what you give the league.
    • CTYLA Sports Engine - what the league knows, what we give the officials.
    • Arbiter - what the officials know.

    B) Everyone knows whats happening!

    How this will be accomplished:


    *Before you request a game change you must talk with your opponent and agree on all changes.  

    Weekly Game Confirmations:

    1) FOTF will cross reference what is posted on Sports Engine and what is in Arbiter to identify any issues.

    2) Programs will confirm all of their games are showing  Sports Engine and Arbiter for the week.  Report all issues via game change form by Wednesday of each week, at the latest. 

    3) CTLOA will alert CTYLA and effected programs if games cannot be covered.  These games will/may be  postponed, cancelled and or rescheduled by the programs.  Programs will resubmitted games via game change form.

    • FOTF will mark games accordingly in Sports Engine.
    • CTLOA will make the changes needed in Arbiter.
    • Programs check that it is correct.


    • ALL Program directors should have log in credentials to Arbiter. Here you can view all of your Programs games and see the contact info of the officials assigned. Arbiter Log in . If you don't have access to see your teams, please let us know, asap. If you need to add a new contact, let us know.
    2023 Game Change Form 
    The Home / Host TEAM and or Program  is responsible for submitting this form:


    ALL game changes, additions and cancellations must be submitted using this form for ALL League Games. 

    Any non-league games you have scheduled are not handled by FOTF/CTYLA. 

    This form is to be used by the club or team designee. Individual coaches or parent volunteers should direct these requests to their program director. 

    Late Notice Changes:


    Cancelling 24 - 48 hours prior to game start

     If a change will occur with in 24- 48 hours please contact your league account manager so that they can start right away on changes.  Contact your opponents ASAP to let them know what is happening. Fill out Game Change form.


    Cancelling game less than 24 hours
    *If this is a cancellation within 2 hours of game time, please contact the following parties, in addition to submitting this form*

    If home team has failed to communicate game cancellation and the Officials assigned to the game show up to the game the home team must pay game fees for those officials.

    **Games/game changes that are not in arbiter or not communicated to the league less than 7 days to the date the game is expected to be played, are not guaranteed to have officials assigned**



    More Info:

    Cancelling 24 - 48 hours prior to game start

    • Email/Call/Text League Admin (Erin) to let them know that the game will not be played at scheduled date/time as soon as home team decided the game cannot be played.    

    • Start rescheduling process with that team.

    Cancelling game less than 24 hours

    • Call/text officials assigned to that game has been cancelled. 

    • *If you can't get in touch with the officials (they haven't given you confirmation that they received communication that games have been cancelled) Call/text Assigner/League Admin that game has been cancelled.* 

    • Communicate with opponent that game has been cancelled. 

    • Email/Call/Text League Admin (if they haven't been notified already). 

    • Start rescheduling process

    Once reschedule date, time and location is agreed upon the home team must fill out the Game Add/Change Form .

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    Mission Statement

    The mission of CTYLA is to facilitate the growth of youth lacrosse in Central Texas and to encourage the growth of high school lacrosse through sustainable youth programs affiliated with local high schools all while promoting safety, inclusiveness and preserving the integrity of the game


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