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Welcome to the Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association

2022 CTYLA Spring Season

Game Cancellation/Change Procedure

Cancelling 24 - 48 hours prior to game start

  • Email/Call/Text League Admin (Jess) to let them know that the game will not be played at scheduled date/time as soon as home team decided the game cannot be played.    

  • Start rescheduling process with that team.

Cancelling game less than 24 hours

  • Call/text officials assigned to that game has been cancelled. 

  • *If you can't get in touch with the officials (they haven't given you confirmation that they received communication that games have been cancelled) Call/text Assigner/League Admin that game has been cancelled.* 

  • Communicate with opponent that game has been cancelled. 

  • Email/Call/Text League Admin (if they haven't been notified already). 

  • Start rescheduling process

Once reschedule date, time and location is agreed upon the home team must fill out the Game Add/Change Form (see link below)

Game Change Form

If home team has failed to communicate game cancellation and the Officials assigned to the game show up to the game the home team must pay game fees for those officials.

**Games/game changes that are not in arbiter or not communicated to the league less than 7 days to the date the game is expected to be played, are not guaranteed to have officials assigned**



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Mission Statement

The mission of CTYLA is to facilitate the growth of youth lacrosse in Central Texas and to encourage the growth of high school lacrosse through sustainable youth programs affiliated with local high schools all while promoting safety, inclusiveness and preserving the integrity of the game


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